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Garage Door & Opener Maintenance

Admit it - you use your garage door as a main entrance into your home. It is one of the hardest working items in your home. Keep it in top shape with yearly maintenance.




Garage Door & Opener Repair

When either your garage door or operator breaks? Chances are you are in a complete panic! We know what we are doing...and we do it right!




Torsion Springs

Those big springs above your garage door are nothing that a DIY-er can or should fix. These are dangerous items best left to the experts to repair/replace.




New Doors

As an authorized Raynor Garage Door dealer we have a large selection of door designs to make your home or commercial building look great. With R values up to 18.00!

Commercial Garage Doors & Openers

We can repair any size door. Unless you ran your tractor through it and it is laying on top of the tractor. But we can get you a new one and expertly install it.




​Commercial Walk Doors

A little known part of our business is the repair and installation of commercial walk doors. We have many commercial customers who rely on our company to be their partner in keeping their business open.




Commercial Rolling Steel 

These doors are specific to commercial warehouses and industries. We have years of experience on the installation and maintenance of these beasts.




Other products

We carry a large selections of transmitters/clickers and keyless entry keypads. If you are a DIY -er? We have a large selection of parts for your repair project, as well.

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